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The Good News of St. John’s

November 5, 2021

THIS SUNDAY: All Saints’ Day and Commitment Sunday

Normally, we renew our Baptismal Vows on All Saints’ Day, one of the four Sundays set aside each year to baptize people into the priesthood of all believers.  However, with Bishop Andy’s visitation this past Sunday, we have been able to extend our celebration and give thanks for the baptism of Richard into the Body of Christ, and reception of Kajuan, Corrina, Nilsa, Joe, and Paula into the Episcopal Church.  What a glorious day in the life of our congregation!

We continue the festivities this coming Sunday as we celebrate All Saints’ Day, a time set aside in our calendar to mark the shifting of time and recognize those who have gone before us, giving thanks for their lives and witness, and acknowledging ourselves as a part of the endless chain of life.  In this, we confess the truth of eternal life in Christ – the incarnate Love of God.  Appropriately, All Saints’ Day comes during the time of year when we experience the descent of frost and the lengthening of shadows.  In the northern hemisphere, the earth beckons us to a time of rest and reflection as we prepare for a new cycle of life – in all the different parts of our lives.  

As you know, St. John’s pledge campaign is in full swing and this coming Sunday, the Stewardship Team asks you to bring your pledge form with you (if you forget, we will have extras).  Our theme this year is Recommitment, Renewal, and Reconciliation.  During worship this week we will begin our Recommitment to our congregational life by gathering pledge forms from everyone.  So, please be sure to bring your pledge form with you on Sunday!  Afterwards, to celebrate, the Vestry will host an outdoor fireside brunch (weather permitting, of course).

See you Sunday!

And don’t forget to change your clocks!



History and Connection

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a man named Jack whose great-grandfather was a master wood and stone carver named Edward Maene.  Edward immigrated to the US from Belgium and came to live in Philadelphia, PA until his death in 1931. During his life, he and his workers created an amazing array of beautifully carved items, mostly for Episcopal churches.  And, it seems, our pulpit is one of his works, having been commissioned for St. John’s after it’s move from Wall St. in 1926/7.  What a wonderful way for our congregation to be blessed by the work of an immigrant.

Jack and his wife Julie came to visit St. John’s and were so excited to see this work of his great-grandfather.  It’s not the first time they had seen his work but it was clear that Jack was on a quest to connect to those who had come before and laid the groundwork for his own life as a missionary and Baptist minister.  He was proud and curious and awed by the stories surrounding Edward’s life and work and it was a delight to talk with him and Julie and learn more about the connection St. John’s has to so many other Episcopal Churches in the Mid-Atlantic.

You can learn more about Edward Maene and his work here: Edward Maene – Wikipedia

In God’s love and mine, Rev. Michelle


Announcements for November 7, 2021

THIS SUNDAY  Stay for an outdoor fireside brunch hosted by the Vestry in honor of Commitment Sunday, when we collect pledges and begin calculating our 2022 Budget.  Celebrate with us today!

NEXT WEEK: Fall Parish-wide Book Read Discussion.  We finish our parish read, The Church Cracked Open by Stephanie Spellers discussing chapters 6, 7, 8.

St. John’s Harvest Sale!  “Feeding people is our jam!” The St. John’s Harvest Team has been hard at work creating things for you to give as gifts or to enjoy yourselves. Jams, soups, chutneys, soaps, apple butter… and more! The members of St. John’s are invited to a special pre-sale on Sunday, December 5 after worship. Bring your checkbook or credit card, and come to social hour. We take cash too!  All proceeds go to fund the general operating expenses for St. John’s. The official public sale will be Saturday, December 11 from 10 – 2, in front of the church.  So, tell your friends!  After that, if we have anything left, we’ll bring it on Sunday, December 12 to sell at social hour.

Fellowship Hour Sign up The Hospitality Committee invites you to sign up for St John’s Social Hour.  A sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board in the Vestibule.  All are welcome to offer their generosity to others & share some good conversation as well.  Questions?  See Barbara Johnston.

The Ulster Immigrant Defense Network (UIDN) will soon be in need of volunteer tutors, to work with motivated students to improve their reading skills. If interested, please let Jeanette Baggot know. An initial prerequisite is completing a Volunteer form located on the Kingston City School District website. More details will soon be on the way!

Page Turners Book Club: For December 7th the book is ‘The Searcher’, by Tana French.  For January 4th the book is, ‘The Lincoln Highway,’ by Amor Towles.  Speak with Lynn Dennison for more information.

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