St. John’s Episcopal Church
207 Albany Avenue, Kingston, NY 12401

The Good News of St. John’s

  1. June 28

    The Good News from St. John’s Kingston

    This Sunday!

    Join us for worship on Sunday, June 30th.

    Next Month: July 21

    Join the Rev. Canon Alissa Newton to celebrate Holy Eucharist with us!


    A Note from Leah Siuta, St. John’s Warden

    Hello to all! During this time of transition, I wanted to let you know that we are all working together to maintain the upkeep of our buildings, garden, and grounds. In additional to repairs and maintenance, we are addressing some much needed projects. A very special thank you to Terry for loving and caring for our Memorial Garden, it really is beautiful and a space for reflection and prayer.

    Our Vestry will be meeting with the Rev. Cannon Alyssa Newton in July to begin the process of exploring our hopes and vision for the future. There are many things to consider, and no decisions have been made. This is a time of discernment for all of us. I urge you to come to her forum after church on 7/21 for conversation and discussion. This will not be time to announce any formal decisions. We are not there yet. Please keep your hearts and minds open to new possibilities and exciting new visions for the future of St. Johns. We are a beloved community of God, He is here with us, and we need to be open to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

    With Love,
    Leah Siuta, Warden
    (845) 380-8413


    Reflection from Cathe Decker

    Where is God?
    Like most of you I used to look up.
    I thought God was up there in the clouds somewhere.
    I no longer think that at all.

    Now through faith and prayer, through silence and meditation, through study and simple curiosity
    I know where God is!
    God, in spirit, lives deep within us all!

    God, in creative energy, lives within everything that has breath!
    We are all part of God, one with the living Creation, one with the vastness of the universe, and all galaxies surrounding our planet.
    All the magnificent beauty around us is created by the energy of Love.
    God’s Love!

    If you study Physics, Chemistry, Botany or any other science you will see the brilliance of our Creator.
    Science led me to my deepest beliefs!
    The complexity and diversity of all life is God’s brilliant plan.

    The millions of wildflowers, patterns on butterflies wings, and so on are simply inexplicable.
    In Scripture there is science, psychology, history and a good dose of mystery.
    Our Earth is a gift of Love, and we must embrace it with gratitude and awe!

    -Cathe Decker


    Supply Priest Schedule

    30 – Janet Vincent

    7 – Janet Vincent
    14 – Janet Vincent
    21 – Rev. Canon Alyssa Newton  with forum after church
    28 – Janet Vincent

    4 – Janet Vincent
    11 – Holy Cross/ Santa Cruz
    18- Holy Cross/ Santa Cruz
    25- Holy Cross/ Santa Cruz

    1 – Holy Cross/Santa Cruz


    Help Spread the Word!


    Kitchen & Parish Hall Rentals at St. John’s


    Did you know…?
    St. John’s has a fully licensed commercial kitchen!

    Do you have a small food business and need a kitchen to make your product? Do you love to bake to sell at the farmer’s market?

    We have a fully licensed commercial kitchen for all your cooking needs – gas stove, ovens, warmer/braisers, prep space, and dry storage available for rent.


    Rates start at: $25/hr

    For availability, contact:
    or find us on


    The Parish Hall is the perfect place to host a birthday party, family gathering, yoga class, dance class… and more!

    Did you know…?
    We have hosted a variety of events in the Parish Hall. From group meetings to primary election voting, our Parish Hall can transform to fit your specific needs. Tables and chairs included!

    Inquire by contacting:

    *By spreading the word about our Kitchen and Parish Hall rental program, you are supporting St. John’s!

  2. June 14

    The Good News from St. John’s Kingston

    This Sunday!

    Join us for Morning Prayer on Sunday June 16th.

    Next Month: July 21

    Join the Rev. Canon Alissa Newton to celebrate Holy Eucharist with us!


    A Note from Leah Siuta, St. John’s Warden

    Dear Friends,

    This time of transition is a time to reflect on the ministry of Rev. Michelle as she has left for sabbatical and also ended her time at St. John’s. We will all grieve her departure and also to begin to look toward the future. I am sure you have many questions of what that might look like. To be very honest, I do not know. We will be using the summer to explore many options while remaining committed to continuing our worship together. This summer we will be celebrating Eucharist in the air-conditioned parish hall with several different Priests, enjoy using Morning Prayer at times, and also uniting with Holy Cross/Santa Cruz- our sister parish in Kingston. It is important that we continue to build our sense of community. Remember, that God is with us here, now and always. He is within our church family as well as within our relationships with each other. In addition to your wonderful summer plans, please be sure to worship with us as often as you can.

    The Vestry and the Congregation is being supported by the Diocese of New York, especially The Rev. Canon Alyssa Newton. She will be joining us for Worship and a parish forum on July 21st. Please plan to attend. I have had several opportunities to meet with her and I am sure that she will help us listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit. There are many options to explore going forward. This is a time of reflection, renewal, and discernment. It is a time of for prayer, open hearts and open minds. I invite you to speak to any vestry members if you have questions, concerns, or ideas. We want to hear your voice!

    I am sending this note with love to each of you!

    In Christ’s Love,
    Leah Siuta, Warden
    (845) 380-8413