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The Good News of St. John’s

November 12, 2021

PARISH UPDATES: Mailboxes, Diocesan Convention, St. John’s Bible Study

Sometimes we just need to communicate things to the wider community of St. John’s that aren’t necessarily connected to one another.  This is one of those times.

Ministry Mailboxes Available
You may have noticed that we’ve re-instituted mailboxes for different teams/ministries at St. John’s.  They are in the Vestibule next to the kitchen.  Please make use of them to communicate with others.  And those of you who are responsible for them, please check them every week.  Thank you!

  • Rector (Rev. Michelle): notes/mail for her.
  • Vestry Clerk (Corrina Malamas): Anything that needs to go to the Vestry.
  • Treasurer/Bookkeeper: (Wes Dangler/Pat Allen): Bills, donations, reimbursement requests, etc.
  • Wardens (Lynn Dennison and Claudette Ford): notes/mail directly for either of them, not the Vestry.
  • Flowers (Elaine Lawrence): monies for flowers, requests, etc.
  • Sacristans (Lynn Dennison and Leah Siuta): mailings, notes, etc. regarding preparation for worship.
  • Director of Music (Terry Earles): any mail/notes regarding our music program.
  • Pastoral Care Team (Laura Ricci): directory updates and pastoral care concerns/mail.
  • Columbarium Board (Lynn Dennison, George Mine, Sarah Corrigan): mail/payments pertaining to the Columbarium.
  • Angel Food East (Members of the AFE Board): notes/mail for AFE.

Diocesan Convention This Saturday
Every year, the Diocese of New York meets to discuss budgets, vote on resolutions that affect our common life, and elect officers for various diocesan-wide ministries.  Normally, this means hundreds of people meet in one place – delegates from each congregation, venders, representatives from ministries, etc.  However, in order to keep us safer, only the delegates have been invited to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City.  Claudette Ford, one of our Wardens, will be the lay delegate.  And Rev. Michelle will be our only clergy delegate.

Claudette and Rev. Michelle will travel to NYC early on Saturday morning Nov 13 (along with Ana who has been asked to be a musician for Convention Eucharist) to participate.  Please pray for them and for the work of convention this year.

And, if you’d like to check out the work of convention, click here: 245th Diocesan Convention – Episcopal Diocese of New York (  You’ll be able to view roll out meetings, resolutions, the diocesan budget, and (on Saturday) view the livestream of the convention proceedings.

Zoom Bible Study on Hiatus Until January
This fall we’ve had wonderful conversations about scripture every Thursday night.  Now, that we’re turning toward the season of Advent, we’re taking this opportunity to slow down and rest as we prepare for God’s birth among and within us.  So Zoom Bible Study is taking a hiatus until January.

In January, Rev. Michelle will poll the congregation to see what time of the week will work best for Zoom Bible Study for the winter months.  So be on the lookout for her email and join us for a great investigation into scripture.


Holidays and Family

This time of year, most Americans think about family.  Whether it’s remembering holidays from years past or preparing for the holidays this year, family seems to be a part of our experience.

For some of us, the idea of being with family fills us with warmth and excitement.   For others of us, family was never a joyful or safe place or we miss someone who has died.  And still, for others of us, family was spread out so there were always hard choices to make. Whatever our experience, the holidays are usually a “mixed bag” of emotions.

And this is challenging because our culture promotes a particularly blissful narrative of the holidays (that’s how we are encouraged to buy things) and, if our experience is anything but blissful, we can feel a sense of shame or loneliness, and even depression and despair.  It’s deeply important to realize that we are not alone in this.  So many people experience the same thing.  And God is with us.  Always.

So, I’d like to draw your attention to a new event on our parish calendar – the Longest Night Healing Service on Monday, December 20 at 7:00 pm.  The desire to offer this arose as a part of our conversation during the Christian Healing Workshop in October.  Please put this on your calendar now and look for more information coming in early December.

Over the past 2 years, of course, the pandemic has affected our holiday gatherings tremendously.  I know that many families have come to use various forms of internet video to stay connected and it seems that new items are coming out on the market every day.  While I realize this isn’t ideal, I have to say that I find this to be a very hopeful way in which the “market” is responding to a deep need for connection.  Plus, it reduces the carbon footprint of travel and increases safety in many ways.

For myself and Ana, we have deeply missed our families in Florida during the pandemic.  Ana’s parents, sister, and brother-in-law live south of Tampa and my dad and step-mother live north of Tampa.  So this Thanksgiving, we will make the journey to visit them, seeing them for the first time in 2 years.  We leave on Wednesday, Nov 17 and I will be back in the office on Friday, Dec 3.  In the meantime, you will be well-cared for by one another and be led by the Revs. Suzanne Guthrie on Nov. 21 and Alison Quin on Nov. 28 as Advent begins.

My dear ones, whatever your experience of family is, I hope that you find some peace and beauty this season. These days of autumn are among the most stunning in the Hudson Valley and I pray that you may find God’s glory in the turning of the seasons.  And know this to be true: God is with you, loves you with a wild and extravagant love, and has never left you.

In God’s love and mine, Rev. Michelle


Announcements for November 14, 2021

THIS SUNDAY We finish our parish read, The Church Cracked Open by Stephanie Spellers discussing chapters 6, 7, 8.

St. John’s Harvest Sale!  “Feeding people is our jam!” AND
Organ Fundraiser Sale! “Child support for Terry’s Baby”

The St. John’s Harvest Team has been hard at work creating things for you to give as gifts or to enjoy yourselves.  Jams, soups, chutneys, soaps, apple butter… and more!  Meanwhile, a team of parishioners have been working on crafts and artistic works to help raise funds in support of organ repair.
The members of St. John’s are invited to a special pre-sale on Sunday, December 5 after worship.
Bring your checkbook, credit card, or cash and come to social hour. All proceeds from the Harvest Team go to fund the general operating expenses for St. John’s.  And all the proceeds from the craft sale go to support the organ repair fund.
The official public sale will be Saturday, December 11 from 10 – 2, in front of the church.  So, tell your friends!  After that, if we have anything left, we’ll bring it on Sunday, December 12 to sell at social hour.

Fellowship Hour Sign up! – The Hospitality Committee invites you to sign up for St John’s Social Hour.  A sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board in the Vestibule.  All are welcome to offer their generosity to others & share some good conversation as well. Questions? See Barbara Johnston.

St. John’s Pledge Campaign continues!  If you haven’t made a financial pledge for 2022 yet, the Stewardship Committee is still receiving pledges.  Send your form in with a selfie or, if you’re new to pledging, you’ll find blank forms on the bookcase near the lectern.

The Ulster Immigrant Defense Network (UIDN) will soon be in need of volunteer tutors, to work with motivated students to improve their reading skills. If interested, please let Jeanette Baggot know. An initial prerequisite is completing a Volunteer form located on the Kingston City School District website. More details will soon be on the way!

Page Turners Book Club: For December 7th the book is ‘The Searcher’, by Tana French.  For January 4th the book is, ‘The Lincoln Highway,’ by Amor Towles.  Speak with Lynn Dennison for more information.

Have an announcement?
Please send by Wednesday at noon to

St. John’s Upcoming Schedule
Nov. 21: Fruit Baskets delivered by members of the Sacristan and Pastoral Care Teams
Nov 28: Advent begins
Dec. 5: St. John’s Holiday Sales: Harvest Team and Organ Fundraiser
St. John’s Pre-sale, parish hall after worship
Dec. 11 (Sat): St. John’s Holiday Sales Tent (public sale)
Harvest Team and Organ Fundraiser, 10-2 in front of church
Dec. 20 (Mon): Longest Night Healing Service, 7:00 pm
Dec. 24 (Fri): Candlelit Christmas Eve Service, 8:00 pm, caroling begins at 7:30 pm
Dec. 25 (Sat): Christmas Day Morning Prayer (online), 9:00 am