St. John’s Episcopal Church
207 Albany Avenue, Kingston, NY 12401

Epiphanytide Home Blessings

When the Magi arrive at the home of God, they offer a blessing in response to the epiphany – the glorious awareness of God’s inbreaking into our world.  This is a blessing that spreads as the Magi offer the gift of this love to whomever comes to their door.  The tradition of House Blessing during Epiphanytide comes out of this Christian story and occurs all over Europe as a way to bless a home and its inhabitants for the coming year.


There are two ways to have your home blessed:

  1. If you’d like to bless your own home,
    all you need is chalk… and this simple set of instructions: Epiphany Home Blessing


  1. Or, if you’d like to have Rev. Michelle come to bless your home fill out the form below.
    NOTE: Because of the pandemic, we’ll be keeping the Home Blessing very short.  Rev. Michelle will come to your door with chalk (to mark your door) and holy water (to bless the entryway) but won’t be able to come into your home to visit.  And, if it’s not too cold, she’ll ask you to say a very short prayer with her in the doorway.