Worship Walks

Celebrating God in Creation

All of creation is evidence of God’s unbounded love and is glorious in its very being. By Celebrating God in Creation, Worship Walks reminds us that God is the Source of all life and reconnects us to the splendor of all that is holy.

Each Worship Walk is a short 1-2 mile hike lasting approximately 2 hours and is a worship service throughout led by an Episcopal priest. Alternating between Thursday and Saturday mornings, Worship Walks is an opportunity to reconnect with nature and to connect more deeply with one another, including those from area parishes.

Join us as we celebrate God in creation! Check out the schedule below for up to date details on each Worship Walk through the summer.

Worship Leadership: The Rev. Susan Auchincloss from Trinity, Saugerties;  The Rev. Alison Quin from Christ the King, Stone Ridge; The Rev. Michelle Meech from St John’s, Kingston .