Godly Play


As a Sunday School teacher, I have often wondered — How does a child’s faith develop? How do we learn to love and follow Jesus? How do we help children develop a strong Christian foundation? The answers are often in our own spiritual relationship with God, in our church community, and in our Sunday School program. As parents, Godparents, and members of St. John’s, we have made the promise to do all in our power to support the children in their life with Christ.


Godly Play helps to foster this spiritual growth by offering a framework for children to become more fully aware of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives and discover the depths of meaning in the sacred stories.

This fall, the younger Godly Play classes have been experiencing some of the Old Testament stories including Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah, Exodus, Moses, and The Ten Best Ways. The older class is also learning of the prophets including Abraham, Joseph, Daniel, and Jonah. Each story offers a beautiful format, thoughtful story telling, and thematic materials. We have added additional craft activities and Mrs. Hendricks is leading us in song. The children seem to love the program! We invite the members of our congregation to come, observe, and put a little Godly Play in your life!

Leah Siuta