DSCF0067 St. John’s established a Columbarium in 1999, offering parishioners the opportunity for the burial of ashes on church grounds. The tradition of burial near a church is a very old Christian practice and a visible and spiritual sign of the Communion of Saints. Together with the Memorial Garden, this provides a quiet and meditative space to visitors.

Garden1The Columbarium consists of 4 units of 15 vaults each, with 2 niches in each vault. Vaults or niches are available to parishioners for purchase.
The Memorial Garden includes a pond, with fountain, and a statue of St. Francis near the Columbarium, with wood benches. Nearby there is a stone patio with benches, and pergola. There is beautiful landscaping throughout.

 Parishioners volunteer to maintain the garden, and a local nursery offers professional assistance when needed.

The Columbarium is overseen by a Board of Trustees consisting of the Rector, and 4 members of the parish. For further information about the Columbarium contact the parish office and you will be contacted by one of the Trustees.